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About our Program

Wichita, Kansas was the setting of the organizational meeting of the Kansas Crime Stoppers Association on March 25, 1987.  Six people from various Crime Stoppers programs across Kansas were instrumental in spearheading the idea of the Kansas Crime Stoppers Association: Don Weide, Topeka; Rick Frevert, Emporia; Margaret Jones, Kansas City, Missouri; Mike McNown, Wichita; Stan Conkwright, Manhattan; and Tim Herrera, Fort Dodge.  In 1987 there were nineteen Crime Stoppers programs.  

Kansas Crime Stoppers Association is a nonprofit organization which consists of a volunteer board of directors and individual and program members. The purpose of KCSA is to promote and encourage Crime Stopper programs in Kansas by providing development and training to reduce criminal activity.

The state association does not issue reward monies. KCSA hosts an annual conference where training is provided for existing or new programs across the state. Training is also provided for Scholastic Crime Stoppers programs, which are programs operated within the middle and high schools.  

Mission Statement

Reaching Across Kansas to Stop Crime

Who is Involved

Matt Franklin      President
Ken Temaat      Vice President
Kevin Boehm      Treasurer
Jackie Ashcraft      Secretary
Duane Nisely      Board Member
Patrick Rapp      Board Member
Bev Hill      Board Member
Allen Campbell      Board Member
Bruce Cochran      Board Member
Larry Crawford      Board Member
Carol Crawford      Board Member
Elaine Cloyd      Board Member
Shannon Wittig      Board Member
Steve Cox      Board Member
Kurt Spivey      Board Member
Kevin Wheeler      Board Member
Don Weide      Past President 87-88
Richard Frevert      Past President 88-89
Stan Conkwright      Past President 89-90
Margaret Jones      Past President 90-92
Kay Houser      Past President 92-93
Garry Berges      Past President 93-95
Doug Anderson      Past President 95-96
Jere Buehler      Past President 96-98
Sheldon Stewart      Past President 98-99
Mike Pruisner      Past President 99-00
James Quinn      Past President 00-01
Elaine Cloyd      Past President 01-03
Breck Marion      Past President 03-04
Terry Symonds      Past President 04-06
Steve Lutz      Past President 06-08
Bruce Cochran      Past President 08-10
Duane Nisly      Past President 10-12
Michael Ford      Past President 12-14
Wendy Hummell      Past President 17-18
Bev Hill      Past President 18-19
Donna Bender      Lifetime Member
Ann Hayden      Lifetime Member
Sherril Unruh      Lifetime Member
Margaret Jones      Lifetime Member
Duane Nisely      Lifetime Member
Jere Buehler      Lifetime Member
Elaine Cloyd      Lifetime Member
Terry Symonds      Lifetime Member
Sheldon Stewart      Lifetime Member
Breck Marion      Lifetime Member
Doug Anderson      LIfetime Member
Michael Ford      Lifetime Member
Bruce Cochran      Lifetime Member
Steve Lutz      Lifetime Member
Mike McNown      Charter Member
Margaret Jones      Charter Member
Don Weide      Charter Member
Stan Conkwright      Charter Member
Tim Herrera      Charter Member
Kay Houser      Charter Member (Deceased)
Rick Frevert      Charter Member (Deceased)

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